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CRB Fitness
CRB Fitness

I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 6 years all over the province, including Kelowna, Victoria and here in Vancouver. Health and fitness is my -obsession- and profession, and I love being able to share my knowledge and passion with the world. There is so much more to getting in shape than just jumping on a treadmill and running. There is science, proper nutrition, resistance training, planning, determination, and more than a little bit of will power involved. Read more about what I can offer you through training, support and motivation, fitness plans and fitness consultations.

Sports and fitness have always been a huge part of my life, from track and field, to basketball, squash and ultimate Frisbee. Being involved in these sports has created a big part of who I am today – many of my beliefs and attributes. Being competitive, accountable, driven, a team player, and always looking to learn something new, have made me a successful personal trainer.

I firmly believe in the ‘It takes a village’ saying. When it comes to health and fitness, it is hard to push yourself, to motivate yourself to get to where you want to be. Especially if it is all new to you. That is what I am here for; I’m here to guide you, support you, teach you, and to push you out of your comfort zone.

My own goals and interests revolve around becoming involved in Figure competitions.

#50-1055 Canada Place, Vancouver BC V6E 1A3
1 (778) 822-4739
HERE FOR YOU =Balancing Spirit

Energy Modality to rid yourself of Emotional Baggage that affects our daily holding you back from being the best person that you can be.

This modality allows you to release trapped Emotions (balls of negative energy) from your body that have manifested some type of physical or emotional dis-ease that is causing you grief in your life. It is non-invasive and it fast, fun and effective. CONTACT ME FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Le Natural Mall
Le Natural Mall

We source out resources and technology using sophisticated technology to simplify your workflow

Organic & Natural products
Green & energy savings

We all like to make things more simplier and more efficient. Le Natural Mall is the team that want to help you achieve this goal. Join us and create a planet worth living in. Communities coming together, bringing you Great Food and Great Products.
1 (604) 835-7242
Pro FIT Personal Training &  Fitness Nutrition

With the help of the professionals at ProFIT, no surgery, accident, or injury will keep you down for long. Our experience and knowledge, combined with state of the art equipment, will ensure a fast and efficient recovery process. When you need help the most, you can rely on our well-designed active therapy and physiotherapy programs. You don’t have to look any further when choosing an active rehab trainer in Vancouver – you are in the right place.

With well over a decade of experience working in fitness and nutrition, T'ai Erasmus' Pro FIT works with a wide variety of clients from professional athletes to boot campers of all ages. As a personal trainer, T'ai holds many accreditations including:

Certified Fitness Trainer
National Coaching Certification Program
Colgan Institute Sports Nutrition Clinic
Certified Bootcamp Instructor

5304 Somerville Street Vancouver BC V5W 3H4
1 (604) 329-7867
RiverStone Holistic Day Spa

Spa Services & Workshops


1 778.210.0498
Rowan Tree Consulting
Rowan Tree Consulting

Holistic, complimentary and traditional wellness services supported by quality products; both custom blended and Medical Spa tested and proven.

Industry Specific, Aboriginal Sensitive Curriculum Development and Delivery
Community and Environmental Consultation Processes
Development of Emergency, Health, Pandemic and OHS Plans
Software and IT Training
OHS/EHS Training
Soft and Life Skills Training-Work Ready
Aboriginal Employment Attraction, Support and Retention

PO Box 54 British Columbia
McBride, British Columbia V0J2E0

1(250) 569-0305
St. Denis Chiropractic
St. Denis Chiropractic

Ladner Chiropractor Dr. Timothy J. St. Denis has had over 36 years of dedicated service as a chiropractic doctor. He has been trained in taking and interpreting radiographic films, which aid in diagnosis and treatment of joint pain and related issues. Only after a thorough examination will he determine if radiographs are necessary, meaning that only the most effective, pertinent and personalized chiropractic treatment will be provided to you, the patient.
1 (604) 946-2982

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