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Cold Pressed Xocai Healthy Chocolate

What makes Xocai chocolate different than almost everything else on the market is the fact that it is made from unprocessed cocoa. What this means is that the cocoa beans have not been heated and they therefore retain more of the natural antioxidant properties. The cocoa is combined with freeze-dried acai berry and blueberry and is sweetened with raw cane juice crystals. It is 100% natural and that means that all the good things about chocolate, such as the rich flavonoids and antioxidants are still in the chocolate.

1 (250) 614-6820

A Sporting Goods retail business, family-owned and operated with an extensive product line for the outdoor enthusiast. They include Hunting, Firearms and Ammunition, Outerwear Clothing, Optics, Camping, Angling and Fishing Accessories, Curing products and much more.


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